Otto Heinrich Paul Braeutigam
Born September 8, 1864 in Grape Creek, Gillespie County, Texas
Died February 6, 1944 in Fredericksburg, Gilliespie County, Texas

Married June 18, 1887 to:
Minna Emily Stoffers
Born November 29, 1868 in Fredericksburg, Gillespie County, Texas
Died November 12, 1947 in Fredericksburg, Gillespie County, Texas

Alma Lina Braeutigam 24 May, 1888 - 8 June, 1979.
John Wolfgang Braeutigam Sr. 19 September, 1889 - 10 May, 1952.
Minna Bertha Braeutigam 10 January, 1891 - 24 September, 1968.
Anna Alvina Braeutigam 9 January, 1893 - 7 November, 1970.
Felix Adolf Braeutigam 20 June, 1894 - 3 May, 1971.
Fritz H. Braeutigam 12 February, 1896 - 16 May, 1972.
Charlie Emil Braeutigam 17 October, 1897 - 1 May, 1964.
Emmie Amanda Braeutigam 1 October, 1899 - 13 January, 1928.
Erna Ernestine Braeutigam 7 May, 1902 - 2 March, 1998.
Otto Louis Braeutigam 16 February, 1905 - 16 January, 1966.
Alice Laura Braeutigam 21 April, 1907 - 17 July, 1990.
NEWS RELEASES from the United States Department of Defense
Apr 21, 2006 
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Airmen Missing In Action From WWII are Identified

Elgin Luckenbach, SSgt from Fredericksburg, Texas, who has been missing in action since April 16, 1944 in the South Pacific during WWII, has been found and returned to the United States for burial in Arlington National Cemetery.

Click here to go to see more information on Arlington National Cemetery's site

Click here to read about the finding of Elgin's plane in the jungle of New Guinea
Otto Braeutigam Gillespie County
1900 Census
Otto Braeutigam Gillespie County
1910 Census
Otto Braeutigam Gillespie County
1920 Census
Otto Braeutigam Gillespie County
1930 Census
Otto Braeutigam children about 1900
Otto Braeutigam family
May 12, 1910
Front row left to right:
Emma, Otto Jr., Otto Sr., Minna, Alice and Erna
Back row left to right:
Fritz, Anna, John Wolfgang, Alma, Minna, Felix and Charles
Otto Heinrich Paul Braeutigam files
Benno Luckenbach WWI draft registration card
Charles Braeutigam WWI draft registration card
Felix Braeutigam WWI draft registration card
John W. Braeutigam WWI draft registration card
Fritz Braeutigam WWI draft registration card
Fritz Braeutigam awarded Croix de Guerro in WWI
Elgin Luckenbach headstone at Arlington National Cemetery
Emma Braeutigam Wahl headstone
Mina Braeutigam Wood headstone
Otto and Mina Braeutigam headstone
Otto Braeutigam certificate of death 6 Feb 1944
Minna Braeutigam certificate of death 12 Nov 1947
Otto and Mina Braeutigam family photo at 50th Wedding Anniverary Jun 1937
Otto and Mina Braeutigam Golden Wedding Announcement Jun 1937
Otto Braeutigam family

Fritz and Augusta Braeutigam wedding photo 14 Jan 1924
Charlie and Clara Braeutigam wedding 11 Oct 1923
John Wolfgang  Braeutigam Sr.
Anna Braeutigam confirmation 1909
Minna Braeutigam confirmation 1904
Otto and Minna Braeutigam marriage license 18 Jun 1887